What clothes and shoes to take on a trip

We know from experience: if you take seven sets of clothes with you, you’ll wear a maximum of three on the trip. So don’t stuff your entire closet into a suitcase. Better choose comfortable clothes that do not crumple, dry quickly and combine well. Add a couple of accessories and you have a universal set.

Clothing and shoes for the trip

Definitely need to take it:

Blouse / shirt
Pants / jeans / pantsWhen you put the pants in the suitcase, make sure you took the appropriate belt.
Coat / hoodie / sweater / warm shirtIf you’re going to a warm country, take something warmer anyway: what if a cool breeze blows in the evening or you decide to go to the mountains for the day.
Socks / tightsIf you are going camping, take one pair of socks for one or two days.
Comfortable shoes for every dayChoose familiar, worn shoes so your feet don’t chafe. Sneakers, moccasins, sandals, boots, sneakers, depending on the weather and terrain.
Short and long sleeve T-shirts
Clothing and shoes for the trip
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Things that might come in handy:

AccessoriesChoose lightweight and versatile accessories like a scarf around your neck.
Housewear / pajamasTo feel at home in any hotel, take cozy pajamas.
Swimsuit / trunks
JacketA handy thing is a down jacket that folds up into a pouch: it’s lightweight and takes up almost no space.
Dressy “going out” shoes
Raincoat or waterproof jacketA raincoat comes in handy in the great outdoors. And also in Asia, where you never know when to expect a tropical downpour.
Flip-flops / flip-flopsYou need flip-flops for the beach, the pool, and sometimes to take a shower in your room. You can buy them locally in resort areas.
Hat / baseball cap / sun visor
ShortsChoose shorts with lots of pockets: it’s even more convenient when traveling.
Skirt / Dress

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