What cosmetics and hygiene products to take on a trip

To take or not to take on a trip tightly packed cosmetic bag – a controversial issue. It’s easiest for those who have one cream for all occasions: no need to choose, and the suitcase is light. If that’s not the case for you, check if the usual creams are available in travel mini versions, like the ones by L’Occitane. And try to take something you really can’t do without.

Hand luggage is allowed to take cosmetics, hygiene products and other liquids in containers up to 100 ml. Pack all bottles in one 20 x 20 cm transparent resealable bag, and put it separately on the scanner belt when you go through security at the airport.

Hygiene and cosmetics for the trip

We sure do:

RazorYou can buy a razor on the spot, but it is not certain that you will find the right one.
DeodorantIf you fly with hand luggage only, take a solid deodorant or a liquid / aerosol in a container up to 100 ml.
Toothpaste and toothbrushToothpaste and toothbrushYou can easily buy toothpaste and toothbrush on the spot. If you do not want to run shopping immediately after the flight, take a small or half-used tube of toothpaste, and after 2-3 days buy a new one.
cosmetics for trip
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Might come in handy:

Cotton sticks, cotton pads
Wet wipes, paper handkerchiefsTake wet wipes in your hand luggage: they are convenient to have with you during the flight.
Hygienic lipstick, lip balmIf you’re going to the sea, take a lip balm in a tube: in the heat normal lipstick can melt.
Hygienic pads, tampons
Hand disinfectant gelIf you forget the sanitizer, relax and wash your hands more often with soap and water.
Dental floss, toothpicks
SunscreenIt is better to choose a sunscreen in a bottle with a screw cap, so the product does not spill out in a tightly packed suitcase.
Face and body creamsIf you can tolerate a couple of weeks without the usual products, you can take a universal cream or balm.
Scissors and nail fileFor the undemanding, a tiny pocketknife with scissors and a file will cut your mangoes and trim your nails. Do not forget that you can’t carry sharp-tipped objects in your hand luggage. Occasionally allowed to take small scissors with blunt ends, but it’s safer to give in luggage.
Glasses or contact lenses with container and solution
PerfumeYou can buy a small bottle of your favorite perfume.
Foam for and after shavingYou can buy shaving products locally. As a last resort, use soap or shower gel.
Lipstick, mascara and other decorative cosmetics, makeup removerMakeup remover gel or milk can be replaced by special wet wipes.
Mosquito repellent
Hair styling productMousse, gel, or wax for hair styling should be placed in your luggage. If you want to take them in your hand luggage, choose products in containers of up to 100 ml.
FumigatorIf you take a fumigator with liquid, then transport the bottle separately, otherwise the poisonous liquid can spill out. Better yet, buy a fumigator with a plate.
Shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, shower gel, washclothShampoo and shower gel are waiting for you in most hotels, but they are usually of poor quality. You can bring your own products from home (in hand luggage – only in containers up to 100 ml, in luggage – any); or buy on the spot.

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