What items to take on a trip with children

Pack tested clothes and shoes that your child is comfortable in.
If possible, choose quick-drying fabrics: then you’ll need fewer sets of clothes.
Don’t forget supplies: snack foods, diapers, and wet wipes for babies.
Think about what the kids will be doing on the road. And have everything you need on hand so traveling with a baby won’t be as much of a burden.

Things for the kids on the road

Things you definitely need:

Pants / pants / jeans
Wet wipes
Children’s travel kitPut in the first aid kit medicines that you know how to use and for which the child is sure not to have side effects and allergic reactions.
Baby soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, creamTheoretically, all children’s cosmetics can be bought locally, but for a child it is more reliable to take the usual ones. Small packages can help lighten the weight of your luggage.
Spare set of clothesDon’t forget to take extra clothes in your carry-on luggage for the flight: children get dirty at the most unexpected moment.
Sweater / windbreaker / warm shirt
UnderwearMany people take underwear for children by the number of days of the trip. But there are plenty of parents who make do with less.
Socks, tightsEven if you go to the sea, take a pair of warm socks.
Panama / cap / sun hatChildren’s panamas are often lost, it is better to take with the stock.
Diapers for the babyIf you don’t want to carry a supply of diapers for the whole trip, find out in advance which ones are sold in the right place. As a last resort, buy “some” diapers – you can find them everywhere.
Warm shoes: boots, sneakers, sneakers
Comfortable lightweight shoes, such as sandalsIf your child loves puddles, take two or three pairs of shoes so you have a dry shift on hand.
Short and long sleeve T-shirts
Skirt / dress / sarafan
Apples, cookies or other snacks, bottle of water, baby food for the babyWater and baby food for children under 2 years old may be taken in your hand luggage in the amount necessary for the flight, including containers larger than 100 ml.
Things for the kids on the road
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Things that might come in handy:

PotA handy thing is the Potette travel potty, which can also be used as a toilet seat.
Another idea is an inflatable potty such as the Pocket Potty.
Baby carriageFor vacations, choose a lightweight and foldable stroller like the Aprica Magical Air.
Children’s nail scissorsMany parents cut children’s nails with “adult” scissors when they travel.
Children’s sunscreen
Baby car seatIf you plan to rent a car, you can take one with a car seat instead of bringing your own.
Housewear, pajamas
Spare shoes
Toys, books, coloring books, pencilsStock up on ideas for games that don’t require props, like finger or word games.
Cold and Wind CreamWeather cream is useful not only in winter, but also in summer when traveling in the mountains.
Swimsuit / trunksIf you want to change your baby into dry clothes after the bath, take two or three pairs of bathing suits.
Rain and Wind Jacket and Pants / Warm Jacket and PantsTake warm clothes, even if you are going to a seaside resort. You may decide to go to a national park in the mountains or get caught in the rain on a walk around town.
MulticookerMulticooker will save those whose children are picky eaters.
Waterproof sheetIf your baby sleeps without a diaper, but occasional lapses occur, grab a waterproof sheet and place it on the crib in your hotel room.
Shoes for the beach and pool
Disposable diapersDisposable diapers can be used to cover an airplane seat or a changing table for babies. And older children can make a hygienic mat on the bathroom floor.
Plastic container or thermos for foodIf you plan a long walk and want to feed your child pre-prepared food, put it in a special thermos or in a plastic container.
PlaidTo cover a baby who fell asleep on the walk, take a lightweight fleece blanket.
Powder, diaper cream
Sling or baby carrier
BibTo avoid changing clothes too often on vacation, put a bib on your baby before he eats.
ThermosТермос пригодится, чтобы развести смесь для кормления или заварить овсянку. Но не нужен, если в номере есть чайник или вы берете его с собой.

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