Andorran national cuisine

Andorran cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Andorra is unique in its mix of flavors and recipes of many directions at once. The Catalan peculiarity of Andorran dishes is homely simplicity and nourishment. People here love coziness.

In Andorra, you can have a wonderful meal in borders, small national restaurants with home cooking and a cozy atmosphere. Restaurants are open until 24:00. Many offer a Menu del ‘Dia, which is a set dinner. It is much cheaper.

The national dishes of Andorra

All the national dishes of Andorra have a certain flavor. They are hearty, plentiful, most often meat. You won’t find so many recipes for sausages, meat stews and assorted meat here. We have selected a small list of ideas for a delicious menu:

La parillada – a large dish of grilled different types of meat: beef, pork, rabbit and turkey.

Butifarra – fried Catalan sausage, an incredibly hearty dish served with white beans.

Cunillo – a dish served as a main course, rabbit stewed in a tomato sauce with some spices.

Mariscada is an assortment of seafood that is imported here. However, it is a popular dish and the recipes vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Masegada is a sweet national pie with the aroma of anise, it is served in many restaurants, as a classic third course.

Andorra’s drinks are largely due to its mountainous character and skiing tradition. After a good day’s skiing it’s nice to warm up with a mulberry jam tea, called mermelada de mores. In addition, you can drink real hot grog with apricots. By the way, Andorra produces good red wines, which are cheaper than in neighboring countries.


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