Fishing in Cyprus

Holiday in Cyprus and fishing in the mountain lakes – what can be better!

The fishing is always rewarding and by being on the shores of the lake, away from the heat – the beaches in Cyprus are not ideal for fishing – you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet and have a more than wonderful time. In Cyprus you can try your hand at fishing the more than 260 species of fish that live in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fishing in Cyprus is quite a popular form of recreation on the island. Locals and tourists catch fish in the bays of the island all year round. Sea fishing attracts fishermen from all over the world, many of them enjoy catching exotic fish such as tuna in the warm waters of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is a fisherman’s paradise!

Tuna fishing in Cyprus

Tuna fishing in Cyprus

July-August is tuna fishing season! During the tuna season, this fish overflows the local waters. It is exciting and exhilarating fishing, where every fish is fought for. The tuna are caught in deep water and the result is a long and hard pulling of the fish and an unforgettable experience.

Tuna fishing in Cyprus takes place in the summer from July to August. Tuna is very difficult to catch and no one ever guarantees the result. You leave for this fishing trip on a small yacht at 3-4 in the morning and return at 7-8 in the morning. If tuna is caught, it is usually eaten as sashimi in soy sauce, right on the boat. It’s a very tasty fish. And tuna can be very big, sometimes happy fishermen get fish more than a meter in length.

Deep sea fishing in Cyprus
Fishing up to 50 meters depth. Here we will fish small fish such as Perch, Kingfish, Bream and many more species. All necessary fishing equipment, as well as assistance from our team, is provided.
A great adventure for all ages!

Shark Fishing in Cyprus

Shark Fishing in Cyprus

Shark fishing does not promise 100% results, but nevertheless small sharks are caught on every trip and are usually released.

Shark fishing starts early in the morning and the boat travels far out to the open sea where prey is possible. These sharks are not dangerous to humans, so when they catch a big one – a meter or even two in length, everyone just admires such beauty.

We fish for sharks with a long line tackle. You can catch a shark at a depth of 500-600 meters! The tackle is set up by us the day before fishing and lifted the next day. Here you are guaranteed to see big fish like Shark, Scat, Cod and many other species!

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Fishing in North Cyprus

Why do people go to Cyprus? Someone for the sun and the sea. Some go for the entertainment and excursions. And someone … for fishing! Yes, yes, fishing in Cyprus is very popular with tourists from around the world, and the locals also enjoy this kind of holiday and the opportunity to have for dinner a variety of seafood.

Clean water, gentle sunshine, an abundance of marine life – you can easily combine pleasure with pleasure, and at any time of year. But you need to remember a few “rules”. About them we will talk.

License for fishing

No one will forbid you to fish with a rod and line from the shore – you can “hunt” all day long. But if you’re going out in the open sea or a reservoir, taking with you a spinning rod, be prepared that you’ll be required to have a license.

To get a fishing permit in Northern Cyprus, you have to pay about 35 euros for all island bodies of water – quite affordable amount.

If you want to fish in a particular place, the cost will be 17 euros. The document is issued by a special permit authority.

You can come to Limassol and visit the Department of Marine and Fisheries Research in person, or you can get the paper online at its official web platform or through the electronic payment service JCC Smart.

Both options are usually straightforward. At the Department, you will be asked for proof of identity (passport or license). The license will be valid until the end of the calendar year: if you bought it on June 3, it will expire on December 31 of this year.

Sea Fishing

Paying for a permit online

The JCC Smart service is very convenient: you do not have to travel to Limassol especially, and the payment can be made even before you arrive on the island, from home. The Department is also pleased with the introduction of electronic payments, as queues at the cashier’s desk have decreased several times. So, to buy a marine fishing license in Cyprus, go to, find the section Pay Bills and Taxes – Government Payments and make the payment.

Fishing grounds

There are no plazas. Or rather, there are, but there are a lot of them. You can hunt aquatic life in the sea or on reservoirs. Most of the island reservoirs are the result of the fact that the rivers were blocked by dams, and the locals have long been “fond” of dams. An interesting and important fact is that fishing is allowed on the principle of “one-to-one”, that is, using only a single rod with a single hook.

Fishing in Cyprus

In some places, such as Ahna near Famagusta and Polemidia near Limassol, the caught fish must be released into the water. If you do not obey the established rules, you will have to pay a fine. This can be up to 850 euros. Plus, you will be banned from fishing from a boat.

Tourists choose places for fishing, based on personal preferences, which are related to the type of prey or location. Not far from Limassol there is a “center” of allowed fishing – Kouris Dam. Many guides refer to it as Cyprus Reservoir No. 1. Big six-kilogram carps, pike-perch, bass and catfish live here.

The last one is recommended to those who like exotics. It looks like a catfish: it has a narrow “body” and a comb-fin. It is not easy to catch and drag the prey, as the bottom is “covered” with snags, which are often clung to the line.

The second place is Germasogeia (also near Limassol). Here you can catch mullet, roach, bleak and carp. The place is quite convenient, and there are accesses to the shore.

It is also worth going to Dipotamos to hunt bass and pikeperch. But the way to this dam is not easy, you will need a four-wheel drive SUV, and even better a truck, since there is no paved road.

Do you wish to catch trout, pike-perch, eel or mullet? Then your route should lie down to the reservoirs of Lefkara.

Fishing in North Cyprus

You can go fishing all year round on the island, weather permitting. There are charms everywhere: at sea and in fresh water.

Fishing in North Cyprus

What kind of bait to choose.

Any fisherman will tell you that without a good bait will not be a good catch, even if you have in your hands the world’s best trollers and rods. Cypriot fish are not fastidious and their taste preferences do not differ much from our fish.

You can offer bread, corn corns, worms or combined bait for dinner and supper to the sea inhabitants. By the way, there you can also buy spinning rods, hooks and trollers so that you don’t have to carry them with you.

Fishing tackles

What kind of fish can be caught in Cyprus
Specialists note that the number of fish in the Cypriot waters has decreased in recent years.

This is connected with the building of dams and the organization of the ponds. However, this does not mean that one can forget about fishing. There is enough fish for everyone! There are common species of aquatic animals, as well as specific ones that live only in these places.

Usually the catch consists of eels, roach, trout, pikeperch and carp. Often tuna or swordfish are caught on the hook. If you are lucky, you can catch the aforementioned catfish and bass – they are also cooked traditionally: fried or boiled.

Going out to sea

Sea fishing is beautiful in any form: from a yacht or boat, and underwater scuba diving. The locals will kindly agree to take you to the sea and teach you all the tricks of the hunt.

They will prepare the caught fish right on the boat, and you can enjoy a truly home cooking. You can also rent a boat through a specialized agency.

There are several types of sea fishing:

Drifting – from a drifting boat. In this case, there is a great chance to catch a bluefin tuna weighing up to 80 kg or even a large shark. This option is rarely chosen because of the high cost of bait and crew work.

Trolling is the most popular method of fishing. It assumes that the bait will be carried out with the help of a boat. The sea creatures are offered live or artificial fish as food. Choose trolling if you count on a large trophy. Here you will fully feel all the power and resistance of the predator.

Jigging is fishing in the plumb line at great depths. First, a heavy bobber is thrown to the bottom, and then it is quickly and quickly lifted to 2/3 or 1/2 of the depth.

Deep-water – involves fishing with a boat with a dropped anchor. Large fish that live on the bottom, well capture the bait, which is held by a sinker.

Such fishing is an excellent addition to the family vacation, as almost all the time the boat will drift. The catch in this case will consist of perch, bream, hake, and if the stars align, you will catch a shark or a large grouper.

Fans of extreme recommend sport hunting for sharks. We can’t promise a 100% chance, but you can catch a small specimen if the circumstances are right. These sharks are not dangerous and if you wish you can take pictures with the prey and then let it out.

Fishing on reservoirs

On the Cyprus dams fishing with spinning is allowed from the shore. Here you can fill your bucket with carp, tench, trout and many other fish. In total there are about a hundred reservoirs on the island, the most famous and popular – 10-20 pieces. Locals and visitors most often go to such places as:

  • Achna
  • Limbia
  • Lefkara
  • Kouris
  • Germasoyia
  • Asprokremos

Where to go, everyone decides for himself. It is only worthwhile to prepare in advance all the gear and make an itinerary to enjoy the tranquility and fresh air.

Fishing Tours

Requests for fishing tours are increasing every year. It is better to take advantage of such offers from local companies in winter, when the rainy season ends, and the reservoirs are teeming with fish. Prices for such fishing in Cyprus are quite acceptable.

A “package” holiday, apart from the fishing, often includes a picnic on the shore, where the chef will prepare you a delicious meal from your newly caught prey. The organizers of the event will also provide you with all the equipment you need.

Some sites have a limited fish population and you may be allowed to keep only a few fish of a certain size, but the rest have to be released. Violation of the rule is punishable by a fine.

Reviews about fishing in Cyprus is only the most positive: those who have been there strongly recommend not to abandon this type of recreation, and many coming to the island the second time, be sure to plan to go to sea again.

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