Croatia Best Beaches

Numerous tourists who come to vacation in Croatia love this country for its beautiful nature, numerous attractions and clean sea.

When choosing a place to stay, many are guided by the availability of good beaches nearby. And in Croatia a variety of beaches really is huge – picturesque bays, secluded wild beaches of islands, and the lively beaches near the main resorts.

Beach lovers can certainly find a place to their liking. Here are some of the best options for a carefree vacation.

Beaches St. Ivan Croatia

beaches croatia

Lubenice is an ancient fortress town on the island of Cres.

The local beach is perfect for those who seek solitude and want to spend time quietly, boating and enjoying the scenery from the sea.

To relax on the beach you have to go down to the foot of Lubenice, but some people prefer to rent a boat. Here tourists have a picturesque nature, clean waters and untouched coast, and in the air is typical for these places aroma of Mediterranean plants.

Paradise Beach Croatia

Paradise Beach Croatia

On the island of Rab, Paradise Beach is the clear leader.

Its sandy strip stretches along the bay, and the water is so shallow that you can wade to an island in the central part of the bay.

Paradise Beach has many amenities, including restaurants, basketball courts, tennis courts.

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For children cleverly equipped with playgrounds, put trampolines and slides. There are affordable hotels, campgrounds, and family suites right on the beach.

Zrce beach Croatia

Zrce beach Croatia

In search of a budget alternative to Ibiza and the most partying place in Croatia, you should go to Zrce.

Here, on the island of Pag, the parties do not stop in summer and famous DJs regularly perform.

The beach of Zrce has long been recognized as the most cheerful place on the Adriatic, where you can relax, enjoy a cocktail, dance in a club.

And while there is a lull, you can sunbathe on the picturesque beach, play volleyball, rent a boat or just swim in the crystal water.

Saharun Beach Croatia

Saharun Beach Croatia

On one of the islands of Zadar (Dugi Otok) there is a wonderful white beach with views of the endless Adriatic horizon.

In spite of its beauty, Saharun beach remains a quiet place even in the peak season: largely due to its isolation. From Zadar, it is accessible by ferry.

Surrounded by pine trees, the beach offers opportunities for snorkeling. The shallow water allows you to safely bring your children.

But in the evenings the tranquil atmosphere is disturbed by the parties in the bars.

Punta Rata beach Croatia

Punta Rata beach Croatia

This beach in Brela is often called the diamond of Chovartia and the most beautiful beach in Europe. At least, in all kinds of ratings of the beaches of Punta Rata is steadily included.

It is surrounded by pine trees and mountains, which protect the beach from strong winds. Storms do not happen here either – the neighborhood with small islands affects.

That is why the water at Punta Rata beach is the clearest: you can see the bottom 50 meters deep.

For lovers of sports and recreation, the restaurants overlooking the sea on the beach also offer entertainment.

Golden Rat Beach in Croatia

Golden Rat Beach in Croatia

White sand and fine pebbles, ideal conditions for surfing and diving – Zlatni Rat beach offers all this and falls among the popular Croatian beaches.

Stretching into the sea in the shape of a horn, it is surrounded by pine forests and clear waters. Romantics, families and young active tourists love to come here, which shows the diversity of recreational opportunities.

It is noteworthy that the shape of Zlatni Rat is constantly changing – the appearance of the cape depends on the strength of waves and wind.

Stiniva beach in Croatia

Stiniva beach in Croatia

The island of Vis has one of the most beautiful hidden beaches. Stiniva is located to the south and is accessed by a steep path.

Another way to get there is by boat through a narrow opening in the rocks. Although the path to Stiniva Beach is not easy, vacationers will be rewarded with the beauty of the wildlife and almost complete solitude.

Sunj Beach in Croatia

Sunj Beach in Croatia

The picturesque beach of Sunge is located on Lopud, an island without automobile traffic. It takes 40 minutes to get here from Dubrovnik.

Sunge is mainly chosen by lovers of silence, who are tired of the hustle and bustle of tourist towns. The bay has clean and shallow water, which is characteristic of Lopud: the local beaches have long been considered the best in Croatia.

Tourists with children choose Sunž for its perfect ecology and cleanliness.

🏖Where are the best sandy beaches in Croatia?

1. Saharun (Dugi otok).
2. Uvala Lapad Beach (Dubrovnik).
3. Prapratno Beach (Peljesac).
4. Vela Przina (Korcula).
5. Mlaska (Hvar).
6. Saldun Bay (Trogir).
7. Solaris Beach Resort (Sibenik).
8. Ninska Laguna (Nin).

🏖Which Croatian island has the best beaches?

Brac – The all-rounder. Home to Croatia’s most famous beach ‘Zlatni Rat’, Brac is a 50 minutes ferry journey from Split. The island boasts gorgeous pine fringed beaches, isolated bays and the highest peak of the Croatian islands (Vidova Gora 778m).

🏖Does Croatia have sandy beaches?

Anyone who is familiar with Croatia will know that it offers the most stunning beaches and crystal clear sea in the whole Adriatic. There are very few sandy beaches in Croatia, most beaches are pebbly and rocky and that is why the sea is so clean and has such beautiful colors.

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