The best beaches in Montenegro

There are many different resorts in Montenegro. In each resort there are many beaches. Among them there are both large city beaches and small secluded semi-wild places.

There are beaches with coarse or fine pebbles, there are sandy beaches with white or gray volcanic sand.
Some are almost wild, and some with well-developed infrastructure.

Some are very popular, while others, by contrast, are little known. Some are suitable for recreation with children, some not so much. We have made for you our chart of the best beaches in Montenegro.
Below I will describe each of them in detail. I will assume that most tourists vacation in Budva and the surrounding area.

Beaches in Montenegro: Kamenovo

Kamenovo is a beautiful sand and pebble beach in the center of the Budvan Riviera. It is located in a picturesque semi-enclosed bay. A short pedestrian tunnel leads there from the village Rafailovichi. Just at the exit of the tunnel you get a wonderful view of Kamenovo bay.

How to get there?

You can reach Kamenovo from Budva on foot. The beach is just behind the village Rafailovichi. The road to it is very picturesque. It passes through the resort area Becici and takes no more than forty minutes. If you don’t want to walk, every 5 minutes there is a bus Budva – Sveti Stefan. It will take you 5 minutes, paying 1 euro per person.

The surface, the level of the water and the number of people

The surface of the beach is fine pebble. But, every year, at the beginning of the season in Kamenovo sand is brought. Thus, the beach becomes sandy. However, the entrance to the water is still pebble. You should be especially careful when entering the water on the edges of the beach. Here you can often find large stones in the water. In general, special slippers for swimming in Kamenovo will not be superfluous. The beach is quite large in area. People on the beach is decent, but because of its size there is usually no feeling of crowding. In the high season, all the sunbeds are occupied, but on the mats people do not sunbathe in crowds. In addition, you can always find secluded places in the extreme parts of the beach.

Infrastructure and entertainment

Unfortunately, Kamenovo can hardly boast of a developed infrastructure. There are not enough cabins for changing clothes for such an area. There is only one cafe with, to put it mildly, mediocre fast food and average lousy coffee. Simply put, it is better to go to Rafailovichi to eat. Toilets are only in the cafe, not enough for all. At the same time on the beach there is a decent service water-sports with scooters, catamarans, bananas and sapas.


Kamenovo is a really beautiful place and is rightfully one of the popular beaches in Montenegro. From the observation decks on both sides there is a stunning view. In the photos it looks just super! The water is blue, perfectly transparent with a bright turquoise hue. She, right, beckons to swim. Still, the beach is only suitable for a short stay. Definitely, this is not the place where you want to stay all day. The best options are to combine your vacation in Kamenovo with a visit to the village of Rafailovichi or to stop for a swim on the road to Sveti Stefan, if you go there on foot.

Beaches of Montenegro: Saint Stefan

Sveti Stefan is the most famous of all the beaches in Montenegro. People from all over the world come here to swim with a view of the medieval castle-like island of Sveti Stefan. The beach is located on the territory of a wonderful park. The place as a whole gives a great combination of beach vacation and outdoor walks.

How to get there?

As in the case of Kamenovo, you can walk to Sveti Stefan. Walking along the coast will take an hour and a half. First you have to walk along the coast to Kamenovo beach. From the beach you should climb up to the highway and walk 200 meters along the roadside and then descend to the sea to the village Przno. From there, you will walk along the sea to St. Stefan.
And of course, you can always take a bus Budva – Sveti Stefan. The bus runs every 5 minutes, you can get there either in Budva or in any other town.

The surface, the entrance in the water and the number of people

The beach is divided into two parts. On the right side of the isthmus, which leads to the island, there is the beach of the hotel Oman Resort (Sveti Stefan). Free access to this beach is available only to the hotel guests. For all others the entrance fee will be 100 euros. On the left side of the road to the castle is the town beach. The town beach itself, quite frankly, leaves much to be desired.

The beach is pebbly, of which there are many in Montenegro. Entrance to the water is also pebbly and not very pleasant. But these disadvantages slihkom compensated by an amazing view! Swimming with a view of the castle – it is something special! There are usually a lot of people on the free side, mats are spread very close to each other.

No wonder, because tourists come here from all over the coast. And in the village of Sveti Stefan itself there are quite a lot of people on holiday.

Infrastructure and entertainment

Right on the beach there is a small fast-food cafe where you can order coffee and draught beer diluted with water. It makes sense to use this cafe only if you are very lazy and do not want to go anywhere from the beach. There are no problems with where to eat here. Near the beach there is a restaurant Oliva.

The prices there are pretty high, but the food is more than decent. Also, you can always go up to the village to dine while enjoying the stunning panoramic view of the island! The beach is quite a lot of cabanas for changing, so there are no problems with that here. The main attraction at this resort, besides swimming, is hiking.

The beach is located in a beautiful green park, which stretches from the village Przno to the castle of Sveti Stefan. So if you get tired of sunbathing, you can always walk through the cool forest, enjoying the magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea!


Definitely, St. Stefan is a must-visit beach. Maybe the beach itself is far from the best beach in Montenegro for swimming, but in this case it doesn’t matter much.

The magnificent view of the castle, the panoramas of the Adriatic from the hills, the viewpoints and the wonderful park are very good reasons to come here and spend a whole day.

Beaches in Montenegro: Mogren

Mogren is the most popular of all the beaches in Montenegro. Not far from the entrance to Mogren there is a sculpture of a dancing ballerina, for which the beach is known all over the world.
From the statue on Mogren leads very nice path along the sea, which offers an interesting view of the old town. The beach is an enclosed cove at the foot of a steep cliff.

The cove is divided into two beaches, connected by a short tunnel. Mogren is truly beautiful, for which it has become by right a favorite place of beach vacation for tourists from different countries.

How to get there?

Getting to Mogren is easy. You have to walk to the sea gates of the old town. They are located opposite of the hotel Avala. As you approach the beach of the hotel, on your right hand you will see a picturesque path at the foot of the rock, which leads to the sculpture of a dancer and further to Mogren.

The surface, the entry into the water and the number of people

The surface of Mogren beach is coarse sand. In high season, the sand is so hot that it is almost impossible to walk without slippers. The water entry is mostly pebble, but here and there you can find some pretty large stones. Fortunately, they are not sharp, so there is no serious danger of hurting your feet.

But you should be careful anyway. The stones at the edges of the beach are covered with slippery green algae. In general, you should watch your step, but the water is perfectly clear! There are a lot of people on the beach during the season! This is, perhaps, the main and the only disadvantage of this beach. We can say that Mogren holds first place by the density of tourists among all the beaches in Montenegro.

Infrastructure and entertainment

In principle, Mogren has everything you need for recreation. In the central part of each beach there are sun beds with umbrellas (5 euros per sunbed), at the edges there are areas for relaxing on mats. On the beach Mogren-1 right at the entrance you will see a local unnamed fast food. And on the second beach there is a small restaurant with traditional food and snacks.

This restaurant, by the way, makes decent cocktails. In any case, I recommend to eat in one of the restaurants of the old town, for the benefit of not far and much tastier. Right in the center of the first beach there is a booth selling water activities, where you can rent a sap or a catamaran.

But the most important thing about the beach is created by nature itself! At the farthest end of Mogren’s, there are several cliffs from which you can jump into the water from various heights. You will know this place by the line of people that regularly line up there!


Of course, Mogren in the high season is a lot like Anapa. There are a lot of people. But, nevertheless, the beaches are located in such picturesque bays that to visit there is necessary. I advise to come to Mogren as early as possible. If you can get up early and come to 7 am, then you will have 2 – 3 hours to enjoy the perfectly smooth surface of the sea and the pristine beauty of the bay. From about 10 am the crowds start to gather.

The old town of Budva is a stone’s throw away. You can go there to eat or drink a cup of good coffee. In general, taking into account all the above, we can safely say that Mogren has the full right to become a place for every day beach vacation!

Beaches of Montenegro: Trsteno

Trsteno Beach is one of the three really sandy beaches in Montenegro. The beach is located in an incredibly beautiful, one might say, paradise bay. In fact, this is a natural pool.

Even at the buoys the depth here is not more than the average human height. Therefore, the water temperature here is a few degrees higher than on the other beaches of the coast. Trsteno is considered the best place for swimming with small children.

How to get there?

It is not possible to reach this beach from Budva on foot. However, you can get to the beach in several ways. 1) There is a Mediterran Express bus every half an hour. On the windshield of the bus will be a sign of the route “Jaz – Trsteno – Ploce”.

The fare is 1 euro per person. 2) A cab to Trsteno beach will cost about 12 Euros if called by phone from the hotel reception or by the owner of the villa. 3) Every hour a sea cab departs from the central pier of Slovenian Beach in Budva to Ploce Beach, which also stops at Trsteno. The cost there and back is 5 euros per person (you can only take a one-way ticket).

The surface, the entrance to the water and the number of people

Trsteno is a sandy beach, which consists of two levels: the lower and the upper. The lower level is right by the sea.

It is not very roomy and has a lot of sunbeds. In addition, the lower part of the beach, for some reason is always quite dirty. The upper level is larger in area and much cleaner, so that here you can safely sunbathe spreading mats.

The sand is white and very fine. Almost as on the beaches of Southeast Asia. Entrance to the water is also sandy. Here you can go into the sea without looking under your feet. Water is perfectly clear and very warm. Even at a distance of 20 meters from the shoreline depth is no more than human height.

There are no hotels or private villas near Trsteno beach. All tourists come here from other resort areas. The beach is not as famous as Mogren or Jaz, so the beach is not very crowded. The crowds are also far from the highest. In general, in terms of comfort Trsteno is an excellent place for a beach holiday.

Infrastructure and entertainment

The beach is very well equipped. For those who come by car, there is a huge number of parking spaces.

There are cabins for changing. On both sides of the beach there are two restaurants with decent food and drinks. They also have toilets. Almost the entire lower beach is filled with sun beds. The area for relaxing on mats is only on the upper level.

There are no entertainments on the beach. However, it is more a family place, rather than an entertainment place. On the right side is a pontoon from which you can scramble to dive into the water. Thanks to the perfectly flat sandy bottom surface and shallow depth, here is a very popular game of water volleyball. In short, take a volleyball with you!


Trsteno Beach is primarily suitable for families with children. In fact, this is the only beach that can be called the main beach for kids in Montenegro.

The sea is shallow and warm. It is an ideal place to teach your child to swim. It is also very suitable for various games in the water. The entrance to the water is sandy and soft. The bay of Trsteno beach is very picturesque.

This beach is suitable both as a place to relax all day, and as a short stop for a swim, during a family road trip around the outskirts of Budva.

Beaches of Montenegro: Ploce

Another mega-popular beach of Montenegro. This place can be safely called the main mecca of beach youth recreation on the Adriatic coast. If you want to relax in a noisy group of friends, meet someone and have fun as much as possible, this is the place for you!

In fact, this is more of an entertainment complex than just a beach. It is definitely the most fun and the most interesting place among all the beaches in Montenegro.

How to get here?

Just as with Trsteno beach, you can get here in three ways:
1) a bus with a sign “Jaz – Trsteno – Ploce” – runs every half hour
2) cab – it’s 12-14 euros one way.
3) Transfer by ship, which leaves from the pier in Budva.

The surface, the entry into the water and the number of people

Ploce complex is a large concrete platform with a developed infrastructure.

From the slabs you can dive straight into the water or go down special ladders, as in the pools. You can also swim directly from the rocks. The entrances to the water on the rocky platforms are gentle and safe.

In some areas of the complex you can find small beaches with pebble entrances to the water. Because of the complete absence of even a hint of sand, the water here is perfectly clear and has a magical bright azure hue. There are a lot of people, but in this case it is very good.

Infrastructure and entertainment

This is probably the most interesting part. There is a lot to do on the Plooche. All the platforms are stocked with sunbeds that can be moved and combined if you have a large company. There are changing booths everywhere, so you don’t have to travel halfway across the complex to change.

Beach showers with fresh water are also quite plentiful. There are 4 bar-restaurants on the territory, where they cook excellent food and make great cocktails and hookahs.

Waiters serve the entire area, it is not necessary to go to the restaurant for another drink.
There are three pools: 2 adult and 1 children’s pool. Near the main pool there is a stage with an audio system and DJ equipment. There is a pipe to the pool from the foam generator.

Every half hour, it throws a huge amount of foam. The foam disco at the pool begins every day at 12 noon and continues until the evening. For children, there is a pool and an inflatable town with trampolines and other children’s amusements. There are also watersports stands where you can rent a sap, kayak or catamaran.


Plooche is the perfect place for a youth vacation, filled with the melodic sounds of beach house and the smell of aromatic hookahs. The most correct way to get to the beach is by boat transfer. Already on the transfer to Ploce plays pleasant dance music, setting a positive mood.

Different companies of young people get to know each other, exchange phones. If you want to spend a fun beach day surrounded by fun-loving young people, you should definitely go to Ploce.
In fact, this is the main beach vacation spot for young people in Montenegro!

Beaches of Montenegro: Hawaii

The only beach in Montenegro, located off the mainland. A great place for a relaxing holiday and a great alternative to the city beach of Budva.

This beautiful beach is located on the island of St. Nikola. It is a picturesque pebble spit around the cliff of the island. You can sunbathe while looking at Budva, or you can sit on the other side of the island and enjoy contemplation of the open sea.

By the way, this is one of the few places in Montenegro, where you can see the sunset over the sea line. If you are vacationing in Budva, then Hawaii is definitely worth a visit.
Island of St. Nicholas beach Hawaii

How to get there?

There are two ways to get to the island: 1) take a sea cab. You can buy a ticket right near the main pier in Budva. Walking along the promenade, you will definitely see guys who sell tickets to the island.

  1. The cost of the ticket (there and back) is 3 euros. You can go back with such a ticket on any flight you want.
  2. You can also visit the beach of Hawaii as part of a two-hour boat trip on the Budva Riviera. True, in this case you will spend only about an hour on the island.

The surface, the entry into the water and the number of people

The beach of Hawaii is completely pebble. The pebbles are of medium size, walking barefoot on the beach is quite comfortable. But the entrance to the water is not the most pleasant. In some places you can find overgrown with slippery algae boulders.
Going into the water, you should carefully watch your step, because there is a high probability of slipping.

The number of tourists is not overwhelming. The benches are at a normal distance from each other. People on mats also have the opportunity to stay close to each other. In general, the rest here is pleasant and comfortable.

Infrastructure and entertainment

In principle, the beach has everything you need to stay for a long time. Toilets, changing rooms and showers – everything is attached.

The island also has a restaurant with traditional Montenegrin cuisine and a bar with excellent inexpensive cocktails. You can rent a sap at the restaurant and take it for a lap around the island. There is no other entertainment here, but it is not required.

All the same, people come to the island in search of a quiet and relaxing vacation in the style of a beach lounge.


Hawaii Beach is the closest place of peace to Budva. Like Slovenian beach, it is also pebbly, but it is much less crowded. If you do not want to go far from Budva, but, at the same time, you do not want to be part of a large crowd of people – go to the island of St. Nicholas. It is quiet and pleasant here.

You can relax, contemplating the sea horizon, listening to the noise of the surf and sunbathing under the gentle Adriatic sun.

Beaches of Montenegro: Lucica

Magnificent in every way coarse-sand beach of Montenegro. One of the two beaches of Petrovac.
It is located in a bay between beautiful green hills, which reminds of the Shire of Lord of the Rings. In Petrovac, I recommend to swim here. Lucica is much more picturesque and cleaner than the main beach of the resort.

Beaches of Montenegro: Lucica
Beaches of Montenegro: Lucica

How to get there?

You can get to Lucica by taking a bus to Petrovac. The bus runs once an hour. The exact schedule is written on the bus stops. When you get to Petrovac, just go to the Hotel Villa Oliva and follow the signs.

The surface of the beach, the entrance to the water and the number of people

Lucica is a very neat, well-maintained sandy beach. The sand is quite coarse – the same as on Mogrena. The entrance to the water is also sandy.

The water near the shore can be a little turbid at times. However, this does not prevent to spend time. Petrovac is quite a big resort, but Lucica beach is relatively free. Most vacationers are just too lazy to walk to Lucica, and swim on the main beach of the resort near their hotels.

Infrastructure and entertainment

Of course there is all the necessary infrastructure for a beach holiday: sunbeds, showers and changing rooms. There are three restaurants on the beach.

Each of them has its own area with sunbeds. Waiters serve drinks throughout the area of sunbeds. There are no water attractions on Lucica, but they can be found in abundance on the main beach of Petrovac.


Especially go here for the beach Lucica, probably, is not worth it. If you went from Budva to see the resort of Petrovac, then a rest on Lucica after a walk along the waterfront and the health trail will be just right. It is definitely the best beach in Petrovac.

It is the cleanest, the calmest and the most picturesque. Both beach lovers and lovers of picturesque photos will definitely appreciate it!

Beaches of Montenegro: Copacabana

The most remote of all the beaches in Montenegro and the best in the region of Ulcinj.
If you decide to go to the southeastern part of Montenegro and visit the city of Ulcinj, then be sure to stop by to relax on this beach. Getting to know the region would not be complete without a visit to this wonderful beach.

It is part of the gigantic coast of the Great Plaza. Copacabana beach itself covers 1 kilometer of coast and reaches 100 meters in width.

Beaches of Montenegro: Copacabana
Beaches of Montenegro: Copacabana

How to get there?

Of course, you can get to this beach only by renting a car. The trip from Budva will take an hour and a half. There is another way, but it is more complicated.

You can take a bus from the bus station to Ulcinj and there take a bus to Copacabana. This option will take two and a half hours.

The surface of the beach, the entrance into the water and the number of people

Copacabana is a sandy beach. The sand is volcanic, gray, very fine. So fine that you can build sand castles out of it. Entrance to the same sandy and very flat.

Even at a distance of 20 meters from the shore, the depth is approximately waist-deep. Water near the shore can be muddy, especially on days when the sea is a little rough. There can be quite a lot of people, but because of the giant size of the beach, no one will feel cramped.

Vacationers are scattered throughout the beach area and do not disturb each other. From every point of view, it is easy and pleasant to relax here!

Infrastructure and Entertainment

Copacabana Beach is the southern version of Ploce Beach. Sun loungers, umbrellas, showers with fresh water, changing rooms and toilets are all available. Copacabana is a classic beach club. There aren’t many of them in Montenegro, really. There’s a light beach house playing on the beach.

There is space for various beach games, including a beach volleyball net. But the main thing about the beach is the watersports.
Copacabana is the main kite and windsurfing spot in Montenegro! At the water sports counter you will also find sails, kayaks and catamarans.

The restaurant makes excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. You can also rent a beach chalet for a day or even overnight so that you can take a comfortable nap during the hottest part of the day.


If you are vacationing in Ulcinj, Copacabana is certainly a must-see. If you are vacationing closer to Budva, the beach should be visited only as a beach stop when traveling through the southern part of Montenegro by car.

Especially, go only for the beach from afar, of course, is not worth it. If you went to get acquainted with the south-eastern part of Montenegro, a stop on the beach Copacabana for an hour or two will be very helpful.

Warm water, soft fine sand and windsurfing are something you won’t find on the Budva Riviera!

Beaches of Montenegro: Žanica and Mirišta

The beaches are located in green bays on Lustica peninsula. From the beach Žanica offers a view of Mamula Fort and the Croatian coast. The beaches are known for the fact that from here go boats to the Blue Cave.

How to get there?

You can get to the beach only by car. Also, some tours of Boka Kotorska Bay make a stop at Žanica beach for a swim.

Usually the stop does not last more than an hour. The beaches of Janica and Mirishta are a 10-minute walk from each other.

The surface of the beach, the entry into the water and the number of people

Both beaches have a pebble surface and a pebble entrance to the water. There are not many hotels nearby, but still quite a few people come here on their own during the season.

In any case, the crowds are much lower than on Mogrena or Sveti Stefan.

Infrastructure and entertainment

The infrastructure on the beach is very well developed. Of course, there are changing rooms and showers. Sun loungers cost 5 euros per set (two sun beds and an umbrella).

There are many cafes and restaurants around. To the left of Zanitsa bay is one of the best fish restaurants in Montenegro – Ribarsko Selo.

On the beach in Janica you can rent sails and catamarans. But the main attraction here is the boat trips to the Blue Cave. The boats leave every half hour during the day. The ticket costs 5 euros per person.

Also near the beach of Mirishta is a solid authentic fort Arza, which is a local landmark. Next to the fort, there are small coves in the rocks in which you can swim.


If you have rented a car and want to see the blue cave, but do not want to go on a tour of Boca Kotor Bay, it makes sense to visit these beaches as part of a car trip Boca and Lustice.

You can linger here for a swim and lunch after a visit to the cave. Do not expect anything supernatural from the beach.

It is even by Montenegrin standards quite normal. There are much more beautiful places for beach vacation on Lustica.

Beaches of Montenegro: Plavi Horizonti

The name “Plavi Horizonti” in Russian sounds like “Turquoise Horizons”. It is safe to say that this is the best beach in Montenegro! At the same time, it is not the most famous.

Plavi Horizonti is located in the center of the peninsula Lustica, which is now being actively developed and will soon become probably the best resort in Montenegro.

This beautiful sandy beach is in isolation from the infrastructure of the peninsula. It is always quiet and peaceful! An ideal place for a beach holiday!

Beaches of Montenegro: Plavi Horizonti
Beaches of Montenegro: Plavi Horizonti

How to get there?

You can only get to the beach of Plavi Horizonti on your own by car or as part of some individual excursion. Also, many boat trips include a visit to this beach in their program.

You can get there by cab, but it will be very expensive. And, of course, on our Boka Kotorska Bay excursion or Heart of Montenegro excursion we can visit this beach as a bonus stop!

The surface of the beach, the entrance to the water and the number of people

Plavi Horizonti is a beach with fine white sand that is more like the beaches of Thailand or the Dominican Republic. Here is also a perfect shallow sandy entrance to the water.

The depth is shallow, so there is a lot of room for water games. There are no hotels nearby, all the people come to the beach from other resorts. There are a lot of people in the season, but the density of people is low, because the beach is very wide and there is enough space for everyone.

Infrastructure and entertainment

All the necessary infrastructure is there: cabins for changing, showers, deck chairs and umbrellas. There is nothing unnecessary on the beach.

Restaurants are located at a distance of thirty meters, and on the beach itself there is silence. As a result, it feels like you are in a wild place.


This beach should be visited by everyone. It is definitely the best beach in Montenegro and completely unlike any other Montenegrin beach. This beach is even worthy that just for the sake of it to rent a car and go here to rest.

Well, as part of a car trip in the direction of Lustica or Boka Kotorska Bay, it is worthy to stop here for a swim! There is no better place for a beach holiday in Montenegro!

This is certainly not a complete list of the most outstanding beaches in Montenegro. Here are only the beaches that you should visit first.

I would be grateful if you write your impressions of this or that beach in the comments. Learn more about the beaches of Montenegro on our instagram.

Does Montenegro have good beaches?

Montenegrin beaches are various: from pebbles and docks in the Bay of Kotor, through sandy Budva and Bar beaches and long ocean-like wild beaches of Ulcinj Riviera, but also amazing lake beaches located in the central and north Montenegro.

Are there sand beaches in Montenegro?

Yes, there are sandy beaches in Montenegro.

Getting to Montenegro

Although a tiny country, there are two international airports: one in the capital, Podgorica, and one on the coast in Tivat. To save money on flights to Montenegro, consider flying into Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, which is just 20 minutes from the Montenegrin border.

Also, feel free to ask your questions.
Let’s discover Montenegro together!

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