Sea fishing in Croatia

Croatia’s mild climate, clean beaches, beautiful nature, picturesque bays and coves attract many tourists from all over the world every year. But Croatia is not only a tourist paradise, many fishermen come here for sea fishing.

Many fans of sea fishing, prefer to go to the tropical edges of the world’s oceans, in the hope of adding to their collection of unusual trophies. But perhaps they just do not know that it is not even necessary to get out of Eastern Europe.

Here, too, you can go on a real fishing safari Big Game, because here, too, the angler has a real chance to compete with one of the strongest fish in the world – the bluefin tuna!

In Croatia you can enjoy Big Game fishing for bluefin tuna, swordfish, sharks, pike and other inhabitants of the Adriatic.

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Sea fishingi n Croatia

About fishing in Croatia

The town of Jesera on the island of Murter is considered one of the centers of sport fishing in the Adriatic Sea. For 15 years now, every year ambitious anglers from all over Europe come here to compete with the giants of the sea.

One of them is the bluefin tuna. It has incredible strength and endurance.
Due to its weight and size it is undoubtedly one of the desired trophies for every ambitious angler. The record of the Adriatic is 475 kg, and the Jesera is 303 kg!

The average bluefin tuna here is between 50 and 150 kilograms, but sometimes you can catch bigger fish weighing 200 kilograms or more.

trout fishing in croatia

Thanks to the great efforts of local sea fishing enthusiasts, the sport fishing of bluefin tuna and other inhabitants of the Adriatic has finally stabilized and become famous here.

Incredible catches of trophies have made Jesera a favorite destination for saltwater fishing throughout Europe. The Adriatic is also rich in other worthy trophies such as albacore, blue shark, fox shark, golden mackerel, yellowtail and dantex.

Croatia is the only region of the Adriatic coast where it is still possible to fish for giant bluefin tuna, swordfish and sharks in a short time. Within the Adriatic, only Jeser hosts an annual big game fishing contest that brings anglers from all over the world!

The high season for bluefin tuna is from July to October. During this time, quite large schools of the coveted trophy migrate along the Croatian coast.

From November to February, quite large tuna enter the Adriatic, but this is a period of high winds. However, with pleasant temperatures and calm seas it is quite possible to enjoy fishing in the winter as well.

Fishing in Croatia

The main type of fishing in the Adriatic Sea is drifting.

Drifting is fishing from a drifting boat. The engine can be either off or on, but so that the boat moves slightly forward.

Fishing in Croatia

The most important parameter when drifting is the speed of the boat in relation to the tide. If wind and tide are acting in the same direction, the boat will drift too fast. Then the boat can be slowed down with a floating anchor.

If the boat is drifting with the current, the baits set will take their natural position and then the predatory fish that have come out to hunt are more likely to grab them. Large sharks can be caught by drift fishing, using whole fish (mackerel, small tuna, etc.) as bait.

Not just for fishermen!

Murter Island is the perfect setting to combine sea fishing with family or outdoor activities.
There is a first class diving center, a large harbor, nature reserves, bars, restaurants, stores and several travel agencies offering a lot of interesting opportunities to get to know the local attractions.

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