How to dress in an unfamiliar country, so as not to have problems: tips from experienced travelers

Escaping from the concrete jungle and spending a few days abroad to get to know a new country, relax, gain strength – isn’t that the dream of millions?

Unfortunately, foreign tourists often become easy prey to scammers and an object of irritation of local residents.

Therefore, experienced travelers advise them to prepare for the trip of this “camouflage” in which they will look the least like strangers.

Each country has its own national flavor and its own unspoken dress code, which is most evident in the fashion capitals. For example, Parisian fashionistas rarely wear bright clothes and prefer neutral basic colors. Residents of Lisbon or Rio de Janeiro, on the contrary, choose bright clothes that emphasize their sexuality. A restrained monochrome outfit will seem strange and inappropriate here.

In Los Angeles, people don’t worry about their own style of dress; everyone here wears jeans and T-shirts. In Milan, even in the hottest weather, men wear elegant suits and women prefer elegant dresses.

Before you pack your bags, enter the hashtag of the country and city you’re going to visit in the Instagram search bar, or explore a few blogs of local fashionistas. Flip through a couple dozen photos, and it will become clear to you what style of dress you should stick to so you don’t stand out from the crowd.

Don’t follow stereotypes

When going on vacation to Japan, reject the tempting idea of wearing an anime-style dress. This outfit that feels so “local” to you doesn’t look like casual wear, but like a costume.

The same applies to such a purely French closet item as a beret. These days, the French hardly ever wear this headdress. But in Paris, berets are worn by almost all visiting ladies. Learn to feel the difference between stereotypes and the local fashion flavor and try to get your closet as close to street fashion as possible.

Avoid forbidden clothing

Folk wisdom says that you don’t go to another man’s monastery with your own rules. Remember this when you are going to wear a mini-skirt or short shorts in a Muslim country.

Such clothes are not worn here, even in the hottest weather. Just like in the Vatican or the religious quarters of Israel. And in Europe it is not customary to appear in cafes and other public places in a tracksuit.

So don’t be offended if they won’t let you in. Don’t ignore these peculiarities when choosing your closet, and you will never have conflicts with the locals.

Choose elegant classics

In fact, putting together a versatile closet is not as difficult as it seems. Just choose simple, elegant pieces. Instead of colorful Hawaiian shorts and tight-fitting leggings, put lightweight cotton pants in your suitcase, “kangaroo” sacrifice for a lightweight coat, denim jacket or windbreaker, and replace the colorful summer sundress with a comfortable shirt dress.

Such things won’t take up much space in your suitcase, but that’s not their main advantage. The main thing is that they will not attract the attention of pickpockets and other petty crooks, for whom tourists are easy profiteers.

The right accessories

No accessory gives away a hiker’s identity more than a backpack. And therefore leave this wonderful attribute in the hotel, and take a small handbag, which will hold the keys, wallet, mirror and other small items necessary for a walk around the city. It’s safer that way.

The same can be said about sneakers. If you can’t imagine your life without athletic shoes, then at least replace the models with bright neon inserts with lightweight light sneakers, and in cooler times – with comfortable low-cut boots. Such shoes will look appropriate and go with any outfit.

Choose to clothe made of cotton, linen, or twill. Give preference to clothes made of breathable materials such as cotton, linen, or twill. This fabric will not constrict your body, and you will not sweat in the heat. This material helps you not to overheat and look neat even on a hot day.
Look for dresses, blouses, and skirts made of cotton or linen. Or find a thin knit dress with a simple cut that you can wear on a hot day.
Cotton or linen shorts can be a good option for hot-weather clothing. Linen or knit T-shirts or tennis shirts are also ideal for hot weather.

Do not wear clothing made of synthetic materials or silk. Clothes made of polyester, nylon, or silk may look nice, but they are not a breathable material. You will sweat in them, and the sweat will not be absorbed, causing an unpleasant odor, and the hot day will be even less comfortable.

Do not wear clothes made of viscose or wool, as these materials also do not let air in. You will sweat in them more than in clothes made of cotton or linen.

Silk is also one of the types of fabric that repels water, so when you wear it in hot weather it can stick to your body because of the sweat. However, if you need to dress up for an important event, silk can be a good alternative to synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon.

Choose clothes made of light fabric. When deciding what to wear on a hot day, try to choose clothes in light shades. Pastel shades and colors from the lighter end of the spectrum, such as white, beige and gray, are best for summer clothing because they absorb less sunlight than darker ones.
Try not to wear dark clothes and clothes in bright colors such as bright green, purple, or blue. Don’t wear black because black absorbs all the rays of the color spectrum, making you feel even hotter.

Consider wearing athletic clothing. If you often work outside or walk a lot in hot weather for work, consider wearing comfortable and breathable sportswear. Sportswear is mostly made from materials that absorb sweat while allowing the skin to breathe. In addition, these clothes are very comfortable for everyday wear.
If you work in an office or other organization with a dress code, sportswear may not be appropriate. But if you are running errands or spending the day in an informal setting, sportswear can be quite acceptable. Sporty style has become a fashion trend, and now you can diversify your look with trendy sporty items.

Choose clothes with a free cut. Try not to wear clothes that are close to the body and restrict movement on a hot day. The basic rule: the looser the clothes, the cooler they are in hot weather, as a layer of air remains between clothes and skin.
Wear A-silhouette dresses, with loose armhole sleeves, not tight in the chest and waist. Wear high-waisted tops (cropped tops) so they don’t stick to your waist and stomach. Wear loose skirts and shorts that are not tight around the waist and legs.

Instead of pants, choose shorts and skirts. In hot weather, do not wear clothes that cover your legs, especially if you want to feel cool. Look for shorts or skirts made of breathable fabric that are not tight around the legs.
Try not to wear pants unless you are required to wear them by a professional or formal dress code. If you do have to wear pants, choose a loose-cut pair sewn from cotton or linen. It would also be a good idea to wear pants that can be twisted at the bottom so that they do not squeeze your legs and do not stick to them.

Wear short-sleeved or sleeveless blouses and shirts. You should also look for short-sleeved or sleeveless tops. If your armpits sweat a lot, try to choose sleeveless tops so that sweat stains don’t show up on the fabric. Try to choose a breathable top, such as cotton or linen, so you can enjoy the coolness and show off your beautiful arms at the same time.
Men usually don’t have the option of coming to the office in a sleeveless shirt. Instead, they can wear a long-sleeved shirt made of thin material like “chambray,” a lightweight alternative to heavy cotton.

Don’t wear multiple layers of clothing. If you try to dress modestly, and you do not want to overheat, you may have the idea to put on several layers of clothing and take off the layers if you get hot. But that way you’ll only add to your problems with extra clothes, and you’re unlikely to get cooler. Instead, choose clothes over which you don’t need another. This way you won’t have to think about where to put the clothes you took off.
A great option for hot weather is a maxi dress that covers your legs and doesn’t make you think about taking off the extra layer. A maxi dress is also great for formal events when worn with stiletto shoes or dressy sandals, as it covers the legs but gives a sense of lightness and is appropriate for hot weather.
To look modest without suffering from the heat, you can wear a long-sleeved blouse along with shorts. Or a cotton cardigan with a long cotton dress.

What are the best clothes to wear in hot weather?

The main condition for surviving in the heat is to wear natural, breathable and lightweight fabrics. Everything about fabrics applies equally to jackets, shirts and pants. Ideal materials for summer are linen and lightweight cotton. Wool will do if it is the so-called tropical wool – a very thin and light wool fabric.

What can a man wear in hot weather?

For hot weather, choose light-colored clothing made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or fine wool. Try to wear loose-fitting clothing so that air can circulate freely. The type of fabric is important; the better the fabric breathes, the better it is for summer and hot weather.

How to dress a woman in the heat?

Loose, very loose, flowing blowing tops …
Pants – the wider the better …
Loose dresses (which are just right now) – sack dresses, cocoons, trapeze and other …
A shirt is better than a T-shirt: …
And a long skirt is better than a short skirt.

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