Sea fishing in Croatia

Croatia's mild climate, clean beaches, beautiful nature, picturesque bays and coves attract many tourists from all over the world every year. But Croatia is not only a tourist paradise, many fishermen come here for sea fishing. Many fans of sea fishing, prefer to go to the tropical edges of the ...

Fishing in Montenegro

What fish are found in Montenegro's reservoirs So, we're going on a tourist fishing trip to Montenegro. It's no secret that fish are everywhere. In the Adriatic Sea there are both fresh and saltwater fish. True, it is practically impossible to find a pike or perch, but a lot of black and ...

Fishing in Cyprus

Holiday in Cyprus and fishing in the mountain lakes - what can be better! The fishing is always rewarding and by being on the shores of the lake, away from the heat - the beaches in Cyprus are not ideal for fishing - you'll enjoy the peace and quiet and have a more than wonderful time. In ...

Fishing in India

uism in India is not only carefree spending time on sunny Indian beaches, running around shopping malls in search of souvenirs or sitting aimlessly in bars. Tourism in India is also very interesting and well-organized excursions to Indian sights, what is more than enough. And as well is active ...

Top 8 Best Fishing Places in the World Source

Here is a list of the best places in the world where offshore fishing will bring unprecedented success, because such dreams can really come true. Bahamas Bahamas This is one of the best places where gambling fishing can bring in the biggest species of fish as a catch. There are many ...