National cuisine of Montenegro

Montenegro, a small hospitable country on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula, is famous for its mild climate, the beauty of nature and ecological well-being. This is why families with children come here so often: not only does the sun and sea air have healing and invigorating effect on ...

Fishing in Montenegro

What fish are found in Montenegro's reservoirs So, we're going on a tourist fishing trip to Montenegro. It's no secret that fish are everywhere. In the Adriatic Sea there are both fresh and saltwater fish. True, it is practically impossible to find a pike or perch, but a lot of black and ...

The best beaches in Montenegro

There are many different resorts in Montenegro. In each resort there are many beaches. Among them there are both large city beaches and small secluded semi-wild places. There are beaches with coarse or fine pebbles, there are sandy beaches with white or gray volcanic sand.Some are almost wild, ...