Traditional foods in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, fresh fish products such as herring, eel, cabbage, halibut, and oysters are considered everyday dishes. They are boiled, salted, canned, and served most often with boiled potatoes. The most popular fish is herring. In almost all cafes and restaurants in Holland you can find ...

Amstelkring Netherlands

In the center of the Red Light District, in the former home of Jan Hartmann, a Catholic church, nicknamed the Church of Our Beloved Lord in the Attic (Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder), survives. The organ and interior have been carefully restored; there are 17th- and 18th-century paintings and church ...

Louwman Car Museum

The Lowman Automotive Museum is not as famous as other retro car museums in Europe, but its collection is very, very worth seeing - even if you're not an obsessive car enthusiast. The collection, which today consists of more than 240 cars, was started in 1934 by Peter Lowman, the father of the ...

Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands

Every morning, residents of the historic center of Amsterdam see a huge line of people wanting to get to the Rijksmuseum - the state art museum of the Netherlands. In the list of the hundred most visited museums in the world, it is in 19th place (for comparison, the Hermitage is in 13th place). ...

Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam has become famous as a city of freedom-loving creators and geniuses, embracing misunderstood artists both in their lifetime and after. It is no coincidence that the works of Van Gogh, who lived a short, vibrant life, were carefully preserved here. Through the ...